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About Laurel Law Group:

The Laurel, long revered for its strength and durability, traditionally signifies the most distinguished of honors, celebrating both the commitment to learning, leadership and stewardship. Our law practice is founded on the same principles to ensure your legacy by protecting your estate.

We work with you to understand how you want to be remembered and develop an estate plan that will carry out your vision. We know that for our clients, the priority is to leave behind a legacy that will comfort and protect their loved ones while minimizing the administrative burdens.

We understand that your estate begins with your assets and possessions. But we also understand that your assets and possessions reflect your values and carry great meaning. To protect your estate and your legacy is to preserve both the assets and possessions and your values so that your spirit endures.

Just as an estate is more than assets and possessions, an estate plan is more than a collection of documents. A sound estate plan is an integrated philosophy built on your values and your vision.  Each part of the plan must be coordinated with the rest of the pieces so it all fits together. A technically sound Will does you no good if the bequests are drafted without an understanding of your assets or the needs of your loved ones.


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